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**Update 5/18/2020**

The end of the year is COMING!! CACS will be holding Book Drop-Off and Personal Item Pick-Up on Wednesday, May 27 & Thursday, May 28. To ensure that everyone is following proper social distancing guidelines, families have been assigned to specific scheduled time frames that are listed in the “Drop-Off Pick-Up Procedure” document link below.  Our desire is to do our part to keep students, families, and staff safe and healthy. It is important that you follow all the Drop-Off/Pick-Up procedures as outlined in the document below. Also, the “Drop-Off Pick Up Procedure” document lists what items must be returned to school by your student so that report cards can be mailed the week of June 1.

Drop-Off Pick-Up Procedure

**Update 5/11/2020**
Dear CACS Families,
Congratulations on completing your 8th week of instruction during the mandated school closure! For some, the time may seem to have flown by while for others it may seem never ending as students continue to complete assignments from home. Whichever rings true for your family, this letter provides some information to help guide and light your journey as we move into the final few weeks of the school year.
        The last day for Facebook Live Sessions will be Thursday, May 21. Students are urged to work diligently to complete all final assignments listed on the TIPS pages and when needed, get caught up on any incomplete work.  Incomplete assignments are very detrimental to a student’s overall grade. If a student has fallen behind in submitting assignments, please take time this week to get up to date. Do not hesitate to contact staff with questions/concerns or for assistance.  The next two weeks will go by very quickly!
Each teacher will set a final date for submitting assignments. These dates will be listed on the teachers’ TIPS pages. Assignment due dates will be set to provide ample opportunity for correcting and tabulation of 4th Quarter Grades and final course averages.
WPA K-12 Scholarship
REMINDER: Scholarship application information is listed on the school website. Applications must be submitted by June 1.
Book Return/Pick-up Items
Drop off of all books/materials that need to be returned to the school will take place on Wednesday, May 27 & Thursday, May 28. This will be a drive by drop off / pickup process with no one entering the building.  Books/materials will be dropped off into designated areas and end of year certificates and any personal student items still remaining within the school will be bagged and available for pickup. More specific information on items to be returned, assigned day, time frames, and process instructions will be posted on the website and school Facebook page the week of May 18.
REPORT CARDS WILL BE MAILED OUT the first week of June.
Looking Ahead
BOOK Payments of $200 per student for 2020-2021 are due by June 12.
 FACTS Tuition Management Program: To provide more efficiency and ease for families, CACS will be implementing a tuition management program for the 2020-2021 school year. Keep watch for information on signing up for this program to be posted soon on the school website and Facebook page.
Reminder: Revised CACS Dress Code will be in effect for the 2020-2021 school year.  The first day of school is AUGUST 24.
 We extend our sincere thanks for your commitment and continued efforts in working with staff to ensure students successfully complete this school year and are equipped to move forward into the next. We trust this finds your family well. As our county moves into the Yellow Phase within the Covid-19 re-opening plan, please continue to follow the social distancing, small gathering, and mask requirements. Individual decisions will continue to play a large role in both personal well-being and any progress towards progressing into the Green Phase.
Blessings, CACS Administration
**Update 4/27/2020**
It is Scholarship Time!!
Before you begin the application process, please view the brief Scholarship Presentation below. In lieu of a meeting this year, it will provide you with the information you need to complete your application.
WPA Scholarship Presentation
Then complete the following:
1. Determine Eligibility.
2. Complete the WPA Scholarship Application. (Link Below) Along with other documentation, you will need to include a copy of the CACS 2020-20221 tuition prices and proof of CACS enrollment. If you have already registered for next year, this will be mailed to you this Friday, 5/1. You must be registered to apply. If you still need to register, registration instructions are in the Scholarship Presentation Power Point (Link Above).  Documentation will be mailed to you once the registration process is complete.
WPA Scholarship Application
3. Complete the Confidential Financial Services portion of the application. We suggest you complete it online at
If you are unable to complete it online, you may click on the link below to print and complete it for mail or fax submission.
CFS Tuition Assistance Application
For any tuition assistance for the 2020-2021 school year, you must complete the entire application and submit it by June 1, 2020. If you have any questions or issues, please call the school at 765-0216 or email us at If you are unable to print the necessary documents, please let us know.
**Update 4/13/2020**
The new Facebook Live Schedule (link available below) and Facebook Live streaming groups start on Wednesday. Please read the CACS Parent IT Update (link available below) to ensure that you are ready to go!!
As we continue to journey through the Covid-19 school closure, please keep the following in mind.
-Please contact teachers directly about their specific assignments. (Teacher email info is available in the attached document.)
-Please only text and Facebook message teachers during traditional school days and hours: M-F 8am – 2pm.
-For all general school questions, call the school at 765-0216 or email at Messages are checked frequently, and you will be responded to in a timely manner.
-Please do your best not to use personal channels to get information. We are doing our best to protect the “personal time” of our students and staff.
CACS Parent IT Update
**Update 4/8/2020**
Happy Easter Break! As we look forward to a few days “off”, we wanted to keep you informed of a few upcoming changes. We appreciate your feedback about the CACS Facebook Live sessions and are making some improvements based on your suggestions. Starting Wednesday, 4/15, we will be instituting a new FB live schedule (Click Below) with fewer overlapping classes to better accommodate families with multiple students. Also, during the next few days, you will start to see group invites from the teachers. Please accept them!! Starting on Wednesday, 4/15, FB live sessions will be streamed from private groups instead of public pages to increase privacy for our staff and students. More info regarding this change will be coming…stay tuned!!

Revised Facebook Live Schedule

**Update 3/24/2020**
Updates! As promised, we are posting a letter with updates including assignment turn-in, Facebook Live instructional sessions, report cards, Gardner’s Candy, Walk-A-Thon, and a new tentative REOPEN Date. Please read this information carefully. If you have any questions, please email the school. Thanks for your patience!
March 24, 2020 Parent Update
***Update 3/21/2020***
Congratulations! By now, you have hopefully finished your first week of schoolwork at home. (…Or at least you are close!) Thank you for sticking with it and powering through. We expect that assignments are even clearer now as we enter Week 2. Next week’s work is listed by teacher on the TIPS page. Stay tuned on Tuesday as CACS administration plans to provide you with new information about assignment turn-in for grading purposes and other scheduling updates. Please note that the Mandatory Scholarship Meeting has been postponed until Tuesday, April 21. We will keep you posted as new details become available.
Due to Marianna’s closure, CACS is cancelling the Marianna’s Hoagie sale.  Please return any money that has been collected.
There will still be a drop off box for Walk-A-Thon labels on Thursday, March 19 from 10 a.m. – noon. Entry into the school will be prohibited at that time as we will be employing additional cleaning procedures.
Thank you parents, families, and friends for coming in to get your student’s work and clean out desks/lockers. Thank you for the smiles and encouragement. We really appreciate everyone’s willingness to work with us and understanding as we journey through this uncharted territory. By now, you have probably started working on schoolwork. Assignments are listed on the TIPS Page.  If an assignment is unclear or you are missing something that you need, please email the school at We will make sure your questions get to the right place and get answered!  Students must bring completed assignments with them when school resumes on Monday, March 30.
We apologize for any inconvenience this causes; however, CACS is committed to maintaining academic consistency and progress that is vial to each students’ successful completion of the school year.
All Calendars and Schedules are now located on our ‘Calendars’ page under the ‘Family Pages’ menu tab.